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4 Weeks and counting...

Nathalie has just enjoyed a baby shower with family and friends and shares a yummy picture! The countdown is now on to her big day!

At 36 weeks, I’m feeling surprisingly okay if not just a little tired. I am aiming to work as long as possible to enable me to have as much time with baby though I will have to play the upcoming weeks by ear (hopefully, my last date of work takes me to 38+1).

Backache is certainly present especially at work but warm baths when I get home seem to help a little. I also have an exercise ball to sit on at work and have booked myself in for a pregnancy massage treat on my last day of work to encourage me to reach the end!

Christmas is all pretty much sorted with presents wrapped and under the tree already and I’m working on my batch cooking at the moment to enable us to eat well when baby is here and whilst we are still adapting to life as a threesome. I have been making my usual dinners but in large quantities and freezing the left overs in batches. So far I have made mash with veg and gravy to go with sausages and Bolognese to go with pasta. Veggie curry is next on my list and I’ll stock up on microwave rice pouches to keep in the cupboard as well as naan bread in the freezer! Being organised is something I like doing well.

My to do list still consists of washing baby’s clothes as well as finalising my hospital bag contents but I’m getting there. It’s mad to think that our baby could be here anytime in the next 4 weeks but I am really looking forward to meeting them and working out who’s features they have from mummy and daddy!

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