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Breathable cot liner proves a big hit

PRODUCT REVIEW: by Nathalie with baby Roxie BREATHABLEBABY – COT LINER Buy online:

Baby Roxie inside her cot with the BreathableBaby cot liner
Baby Roxie enjoying her BreathableBaby Cot liner

Protecting baby is so important to us mamas and as a first time mum I often wonder if I’m worrying too much about Roxie – but that didn’t stop me from wanting a cot ‘bumper’ despite the Lullaby Trust advising against it.

I was therefore super thrilled to be introduced to the cot liners by BreathableBaby and being lucky enough to try them out, I opted for the starlight pattern as it matched Roxie’s nursery perfectly!

Wrapping the bumper around the cot bars proved easy enough. There are hook and loop seals which are strong enough to keep the bumper on while not being a nuisance to take off should you need to and there are even little ties for extra security (we only used them on the corners of our cot because of its style).

Roxie seems happy with it and we had no issues during the hot weather as the material is completely breathable. It is very easy to use too as it is machine washable.

Overall - I would rate this product as being excellent.
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