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BreathableBaby Cot Liner - honest review by Lisa

When looking at cots and setting up my babies' bedrooms, I have always been concerned about their little arms and legs getting stuck through the bars. I wanted a safe sleeping environment for my little ones, where I could not worry about them getting stuck in the night and not being able to see them. I had read advice about thick, padded cot bumpers and was getting confused as to what I could use that would be safe.

When I looked at the BreathableBaby Cot Liner I was really happy to see how safe it was. The designers had clearly thought about alleviating concerns whilst keeping safety in mind at all times, they have also considered the product as a child grows. This is a thin, breathable fabric, which immediately relieved my concerns about little limbs getting trapped. It can also be used longer than traditional bumpers as when the baby grows and perhaps tries to climb, the thin fabric will collapse preventing any midnight or early morning cot escaping.

The look of the product is simple and clean and there are different colours to choose from, meaning it will suit any nursery design.

I am really pleased with this product, it is such a good design and really gives me comfort removing one area of anxiety I had about safe sleeping. I Would not hesitate in recommending this to others.

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