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Butterflies & backache

Pregnancy update from Vikki

I am now 23 weeks and started to feel my baby moving whilst I was away over the summer – at about 20 weeks. It is the most unbelievable feeling! I love every kick – and what is even more special is that I was able to share this moment with my husband from the very first kick. I think I missed the ‘butterfly’ stage that everyone talks about – probably because I didn’t know what to expect or what to feel for.

I’m am beginning to feel the pressure with ‘helpful’ advice that people love to volunteer.

However, I think that the most useful advice so far has been ‘if it needs an instruction manual, don’t buy it as you will never use it!’

I get asked daily if I have made any baby purchases yet. What travel system I’m buying? What car seat I will be using? I don’t have a clue what anything is – and don’t even get me started on bottles and sterilisers! I know I have plenty of time – and actually the only thing I’ve purchased so far is my maternity pillow. I started to feel really bloated in the evenings at around 10 weeks and looked at maternity cushions online and saw these great big enormous pillows that wrap around you. I was wondering how on earth my husband would get into bed next to me (maybe that would be a blessing – ha ha!!)

I came across the Support Pillow from Little Chick London and it’s been amazing. It’s comfortable and cool with the bamboo cover and the best thing is, it comes everywhere with me

in the car for long car journeys, and even in my carry-on case for the airplane to take away on holiday. It has really been a life saver! I also had the lovely experience of feeding my friend’s baby a few weeks ago and used the pillow to support my arm and the baby while he fed. He loved the pillow too and fell asleep resting on it in my arms. We were both so comfortable – it’s a real must and I’ve been telling every new mum about it.

Even though I’m now in my third trimester, I’m still feeling sick in the evenings, but I’m managing to cope and hopefully will start to feel ‘normal’ again very soon. Fingers crossed!

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