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Ginger biscuits are not a miracle cure

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

I’m Ashleigh and I’m expecting my second baby in December. I currently have a nearly six year old little boy called Joshua who is super excited about becoming a big brother. Different to Joshua, we have decided to keep this babies sex a surprise!

With this pregnancy I have really suffered with morning sickness right up until around 20 weeks. It’s frustrating that all the information out there suggest this will stop at 12 weeks when for some women it really doesn’t!

PS Ginger biscuits aren’t a miracle morning sickness cure!

I work for an amazing company called Groovystyle Baby Equipment based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. I absolutely love the nursery industry and working with parents-to-be is so rewarding. However, working here whilst expecting means there are constant temptations and my extensive knowledge is making it even more difficult to make decisions!

 I’m so excited to share my pregnancy experience with other mum-to-be.

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Christine Scippo
Christine Scippo

Congratulations! will be interested to know which pushchair / pram you are swaying towards!

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