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Great value products to help baby settle easily to sleep in the first few months

Glow in the dark soothers
Glow in the dark soothers from MAM

We all know that new mummies are desperate to find practical sleep solutions for their little ones and we have found some great products to help make the early months with baby just a bit easier.

If you have chosen to give your baby a soother to help comfort and settle them at nighttime, we love this fabulous new Glow In The Dark Soother from MAM. Babies often wake when the soother falls from their mouth, but these genius inventions take the guess work out of finding it in a dark room. They glow extra bright at night making the easy to find with little disturbance to baby – and of course when baby is older, they will not only be comforted by the gentle glow but will be able to find the soother easily themselves.

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The MAM soothers come in three sizes 0+, 6+ and 12+ and are ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. The SkinSoftÔ is incredibly soft and the inside of the shield resembles the feeling of mum’s soft skin meaning it is easily accepted by baby. It also has rounded edges which are gentle on babies’ skin and has dimples allowing the skin to breath and help prevent irritation and reddening.

MAM is a favourite brand loved by parents for more than 40 years and we think that at just £6.39 for a pack of two – and includes a self-sterilising travel box – they are fantastic value. MAM is also offering P.S…I’m Pregnant readers 20% off – simply enter the code LITTLECHICK20 at the checkout!

Baby with a comfort blanket
Cute baby with Little Chick London Comfort Blankie

New babies quickly familiarise themselves with a mother’s smell and are usually comforted by objects that feel and smell like mummy (which is why so many little ones get attached to muslins, blankets and favourite soft toys). Little Chick London has created the perfect Comfort Blankie to provide a perfect partner for sleep training.

Made from gloriously soft and cuddly double layered cotton jersey with breathable, moisture wicking to keep baby comfortable and dry; simply place the Blankie close to mum’s skin in the early weeks so that scent transfers and comforts baby. It also has a pure silicone teether to comfort sore gums and graspable corners and large ears for active little hands and mouths.

Money off coupon code

Normally £14.99, Little Chick London is offering readers of P.S…I’m Pregnant £5 off so just £9.99 (using code BLANKIE5 at the checkout). The Comfort Blankie makes a lovely baby shower, or new baby gift.


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