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Help! am I ready to be a mum?

Updated: May 8, 2019

Vikki is now 35 weeks pregnant and faces the fact that she needs to start preparing for her little one's arrival. She is also panicking (like many expectant mums) about whether she is actually ready to be a parent!
Photo by Mon Petit Chou Photography on Unsplash

I’m now 35 weeks pregnant I need to stop being in denial and start making purchases! I seem to be the only one who doesn’t get excited about a steriliser and muslins. I have however made decisions on nursery furniture from Boori and we have decided on Babystyle's egg stroller for a 3-way travel system with the added extra of a coffee cup holder as I know I will be needing i!

We attended a nursery advisory evening at John Lewis which I found really useful so I have a list to work with. What was great about this appointment was the fact that they didn’t push for us to buy and our advisor was very honest about things we needed and what was a waste of money. It also was the deciding factor for our push chair. All our friends have loved to give their advice on what we want but; as the advisor said; 'if there was one perfect pushchair, I would be selling the same one all day everyday'. I had to think of my lifestyle - I’m very active I walk a lot with my dog so having a good suspension with a snuggly carrycot and chair was important as I want to be able to put the baby down for naps while I’m out. Also only 5ft on a good day! The pushchair we chose suits me as most of them look like I should be getting in them! The egg was really compact and in proportion with me! My husband and I found it hysterical that this pushchair (the baby’s first set of wheels) has cost more than our first cars.

I now have a 4 weeks left till i'm due and it feels funny leaving work thinking that this will now be my life. I can’t imagine being a parent and it has now hit me and I feel nervous about what is to come. I get asked daily ‘are you excited??’ I feel awful at not feeling this. It’s a very mixed emotion - it’s a huge journey my husband and I are now taking being responsible for another person and making decisions in their day to day life. When I speak of this to my closest friends they say this is normal, but they seem to be worried about the labour - whilst my concerns are about what comes after.

Maybe I’m over thinking it too much but I’m sure when our little bundle arrives we will have nothing but love, but what worries me is how can I love something so much that I have never met and how does it happen that you love this bundle more than anything - I guess I will just have to wait to find out!

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