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Is it getting hot in here?

I was having a read up on Ashleigh’s post (click here) about what are essentials and what are not and it really is true that there is so much out there and you can’t help but wonder that surely it isn’t all essential?

The baby shows are great places to interact with new products and get a feel for them, but I think it’s important to think before you buy - or you do get carried away! There are so many new tools and products on the market, but I can’t help but remind myself that these things didn’t exist in the 1950s and both my parents turned out okay?! Of course, research over the years and product development means we are within much easier reach of help and a simpler way of life and there’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, buying the right things can surely be a good thing but I will try to refrain myself from buying things that I might only use once. There is so much to learn on this journey and I back Ashleigh’s advice on researching before buying.

Whilst at a stall at the Baby & Toddler Show listening to the benefits of a product, the lady speaking mentioned ‘the temperature of the baby’s room’ and I found myself wondering about if I needed a thermometer in there? Upon reflection, while that seemed a bit extreme, I ran a quick online search to check (I don’t want to be a bad Mum after all?!). I found mixed things about whether a thermometer is vital or not but I also learned that they can be picked up for a little over a tenner so I will be buying one for peace of mind if nothing else but having done my homework, I now know where to get one and how much I can expect to pay for it.

Nathalie Xx

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