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Is my birth plan out of the window?

After unexpected complications with the birth of her first child, Claire hopes for a smoother, natural delivery this time round - but will things go according to plan?

My first child, Jack arrived via C-Section. He was lying in a breech position and after a pre-eclampsia scare, high blood pressure and a failed ECV (external cephalic version is an attempt to turn the fetus so that he is head down), it was the safest option when it came to delivery. That period of time required a lot of medical intervention. After the c-section I suffered a Secondary PostPartum Haemorrhage which resulted in further surgery and an extended hospital stay. Although I received fantastic care, I’ve always felt like I’ve missed out on that initial skin to skin and bonding time.

When I fell pregnant this time time around I knew I wanted a natural birth. Of course, above anything else you want a healthy baby and pregnancy. However, if I could choose how I would give birth I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I’ve discussed it as an option with both my consultant and VBAC nurse and everything looked really positive. I have even started reading up on hypnobirthing!

I had my 34 week midwife appointment a few days ago and that has changed things slightly. Turns out that baby is currently breech. As breech babies account for 3-4 percent of births, it wasn’t that likely to happen first time. In second pregnancies 10 percent of those people go on to have a second breech pregnancy. So even more unlikely it seems! However, it appears I am heading down a similar path to my first pregnancy. My midwife has said that I will be reviewed in two weeks time to see if baby has turned. Babies usually stay in position from around 36 weeks as they have less room to do those big turns. For now, I’m just trying to think positively. My birth plan is out of the window for now and I’m starting to prepare myself for a c-section and the recovery that it entails. I’m still holding out some hope though as you just never know.

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