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Life as a new mummy – first months

Updated: May 8, 2019

Nathalie welcomed her gorgeous little girl Roxie into the world just as 2018 came to a close and she is thoroughly enjoying life as a new mummy. Here she shares her first few months:

I am 4 whole months into motherhood now and really enjoying it! My darling daughter Roxie, teaches me new things every day and I keep saying I’ll write a book for myself as they say you forget it all if you ever have more babies but I don’t ever seem to find time to!

Roxie is sleeping so well at night (11.5 hours most nights) but struggles more during the day

Avatar of Nathalie
Nathalie - describes the first months as a new mum

although I think we are slowly getting there with that too. We introduced a bedtime routine when she was just six weeks old and my only regret is not introducing a nap routine earlier too (though it’s hard to have a routine at that age). We try to keep busy though our activities change day to day. Here are some of the things we might do:

  • Go for walks (even if just to the local shop or around the block)

  • Sensory room (we found one at the local children’s centre)

  • Go to a singing sensory class run by the children’s centre

  • Go for lunch or coffee with other mamas

  • Go swimming. We’ve signed up to a course and we go at the weekend so that daddy can get in the water too! (We alternate between Mummy and daddy going in with bubba each week)

  • Go to a baby massage class (again through the children’s centre)

  • Play at home. We have a Fisherprice Jumperoo and have popped a cushion under it as she’s still quite little;, we play on our play gym and also do simpler things like looking in the mirror (she finds this hilarious), make up silly songs and we even made a shaker with an old water bottle and some rice!

  • Cooking. Roxie will start weaning soon so I pop her in her highchair and give her a hand held toy to play with while I cook dinner. She enjoys watching me and I tend to describe what I’m doing so that she hears lots of words too! Hopefully, being in her highchair will make the initial weaning process less scary for her as she will feel safe knowing her new surroundings.

What activities do you get up to with your baby? I would love to hear what other new mums get up to during the day with their little ones – please comment below.

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