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Little Chick London Bedside Crib

Our blogger Vicki chose the Little Chick London Bedside Crib for her new baby which is due shortly. She said: "I love this crib - it is so fresh looking. I went into Mothercare to look at cribs the other day and in comparison, many other brands are really ugly."

We think she has made a good choice, as the Little Chick London’s award-winning bed-side crib offers the benefits of co-sleeping but without the associated risks of suffocation. A practical, stylish sleep solution for newborn babies, the crib is larger than a Moses basket with space for the growing baby until around 5 months. The breathable mesh sides allow optimum airflow and temperature control and placed by the parent’s bed, mum can experience closeness and see her baby throughout the night, safe in the knowledge that it is contained in its own secure environment. Used with Little Chick London’s breathable crib mattress, provides a completely breathable sleep solution.

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