Need an energy boost?

A scrummy recipe from Ashleigh

I’ve really struggled with tiredness in this pregnancy. It may well be because I work full time,

have a household to run and a 6 year old to keep alive but then again it may be that the baby is sucking the life out of me! Either way I have made a conscious effort to give up caffeine and find healthy ways to keep my energy levels up. Of course the first thing I did was head to Pintrest.

My favourite recipe has been for some a healthyish chocolate chip and apricot ‘energy balls’. The apricot can be substituted for

raisins or cranberries and I guess you could leave the chocolate chips out if you really want to! Have I noticed an increase in energy after eating these? A little but to be honest they taste so good and everyone loves them that I don’t really mind too much that they don’t give me the spike that coffee use to give me.


· 1/2 Cup chopped dried apricots

· 1/4 Cup chocolate chips – Dark chocolate works really well

· 1 Cup rolled oats

· 3 Tbsp chia seeds

· 3 Tbsp maple syrup or honey

· 3/4 Cup nut butter – I use peanut butter


1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix

2. Take spoonfuls and roll into balls

3. Refrigerate

Unfortunately there isn’t an 'after'

picture as we very quickly ate them!

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