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Never underestimate your bra!

Granny’s tip of the day – by Christine

As a mum to three grown up children (aged 29, 27 and 25) and super-excited to-soon-be a

grandma, I’ve recently been asked by my pregnant daughter what my best pregnancy tips would be.

Without doubt it is buying the best, supportive bra you can find (or maybe a couple) and wearing it day and night until the day you stop breastfeeding!

This might sound a bit extreme – but when you consider that your breasts are going to practically double in size during pregnancy; and if you are anything like me, in the first few weeks when your milk comes in, will resemble barrage balloons and probably weigh more than a couple of water melons; its hardly surprising that if you don’t offer solid support – they are going to sag!

Lots of women complain that ‘breastfeeding makes your boobs sag’. Well, personally, I don’t agree with that. As long as you support your breasts properly during pregnancy and breastfeeding, preventing the muscles and skin from stretching as much as possible, there is a good possibility that they will ‘almost’ bounce back to their pre-baby glory.

I may just be among the lucky few – but having breastfed three babies, but wearing a bra 24 hours a day from the moment I found out I was pregnant until I finished breastfeeding (around six months for each baby), I can’t quite claim to pass the pencil test – but you can certainly still see my knees!

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