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Nine months on-nine months gone

Nine months pregnant mum - and later with nine month old baby
Natalie - ready to pop - and nine months on with gorgeous little Roxie!

With Autumn upon us, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and Christmas which usually excites me but this year these festivities both remind me that I’ll soon have a one year old and I can help but reflect on it all.

Mum with baby looking at pumpkins
Baby Roxie looking forward to Halloween and choosing a pumpkin

Roxie is crawling, standing up against furniture, sitting herself back down and even walking with a toy walker these days. It’s so hard to keep up with her as she is just so active and let’s be honest, I’m knackered most of the time to even try to. When I do get a minute to myself to think about it all, I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by and it’s all still so surreal. I’m not sure it’ll ever sink in properly that I am a mum!

I find myself scrolling back through the hundreds of photos I have taken throughout the last nine months and even further back to a time when the resident in my tummy was my biggest ponder of the day- ‘who and when?’

And then I wonder when I’ll do it all again? Will I ever? What will it be like with an older child too? Mums are really incredible, this is the hardest ‘job’ in the world with no time off but I wouldn’t swap it for my previous 9-5...oh wait, no that’s right, I have to add it to that job too! Arghhhh, can I have another year ‘off’ please to catch up with it all?!

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