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Not just any old maternity cushion!

We sent our blogger Amelia a Little Chick London 4-in-1 Support Cushion when she joined us in early pregnancy. She has just sent us this rave review!

The Little Chick London 4-in-1 Support Pillow has been one of few products that has successfully seen me through both pregnancy and the fourth trimester. I love it! During pregnancy, I used it in the car and at my desk at work to support my back. It also helped me to sleep when my bump got big. Since having my little one, the pillow has been amazing as a back and arm support when feeding (especially in the night) and as a bit of extra ‘lift’ to get baby Oscar started with tummy time. The fact that is holds its shape unlike most other pregnancy and feeding pillows makes it one of a kind and I wouldn’t be without it now!

If you would like to win a Little Chick London 4-in-1 Support Pillow - why not enter our competition (ends on 14th June!) by liking and sharing our competition post on Facebook!

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