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Top 5 recommendations for a safe family holiday in 2020

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

We are all breathing a sigh of relief – if a slightly nervous one – at finally being allowed to get out and about with the family and enjoy a little holiday time, either here in the UK or venturing further afield. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your family safe and happy on holiday this summer.
Family with children on the beach
Family enjoying a day at the beach

Whatever the required social distancing recommended by government guidelines, it makes sense that the fewer people you come into contact with the lower your risk, so try to avoid places where there are crowds of people. Here in the UK there are many beautiful beaches and countryside places away from the bigger resorts with plenty of space to spread out and have fun.

If you travel using public transport, you are required by law to wear a face mask – our favourites

are these snazzy designs by Petunia Pickle Bottom and Little Chick London which are just £20 for a pack of four. These are soft and comfortable and perfect for wearing all day while out and about in shops and busy areas – just pop in the washing machine at the end of the day ready for next time.

Hand sanitiser is the next biggie on your list. Whilst baby wipes / antibacterial wipes are great for cleaning up mess, according to The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention they are not as effective as soap and hot water or hand sanitiser; so after your little ones have given their hands a wipe, follow with a squirt of sanitiser and rub in well. When the opportunity presents, encourage them to give their hands a wash with soap and water.

Sunscreen – whilst we are busy protecting ourselves from the virus, don’t forget to protect from the sun too as even on cooler, windy UK days little ones’ sensitive skin can easily burn, and this could lead to skin cancer in later life. Children under six months should be kept out of direct or strong sunlight where possible, but all children should cover up with suitable clothing, spend some time in the shade in the middle, hottest part of the day and wear at least SPF30 sunscreen taking care to cover areas such as the face, ears, feet and backs of hands. Most kids hate standing still to have sunscreen rubbed in, so save on the stress with a trigger spray – Nivea Sun Kids Trigger Spray SPF50 is highlighted in the Independent Best Sunscreens for Kids 2020 and is a bargain at just £7.99 from Superdrug

Pretty floral travel bag / baby changing bag.
Wildflowers of Westbury City Carry All from Petunia Pickle Bottom

Be organised and have everything you need quickly to hand with a good bag or ruck sack. We love this gorgeous summery Wildflowers of Westbury City Carry All from Petunia Pickle Bottom. It is lightweight with a built-in baby changing station, five interior and two exterior pockets and multiple carrying options – and this particular bag is a special edition too and features the zip and monogram in gold which is a lovely finishing touch.

Even though you are outside in the open air, it’s still good to define your family’s personal space using extra-large towels, picnic blankets and even wind-breaks (obviously being considerate of others!) – and don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks. There are fewer shops and cafes open and it is much easier to bring your own rather than queue.

If you are staying overnight somewhere, don’t forget your child’s comforter (whether it’s a

pacifier, special teddy or the Little Chick London Comfort Blankie!). Also if your toddler is new to sleeping in a bed, the Little Chick London Inflatable Bed Guard is a godsend for preventing little ones from rolling out of bed!

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