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Pregnancy sniffles

Nathalie is now over 30 weeks pregnant and has discovered that not being able to take medication makes a common cold a miserable deal.

I can’t believe how quickly my pregnancy has gone by and despite having the flu jab a few weeks

Photo by Danny G on Unsplash

ago, I was struck by a nasty cold last week and had to remind myself that this isn’t ‘laziness, it’s pregnancy.’

I’m sure most people find it hard at the best of times, especially with work, to take time off and just rest when we’re feeling poorly and although we all know that’s what is required to get better, its easy to plough on instead of listening to our bodies and take the time we need to recover.

During pregnancy it’s especially important though as your immune system is working harder and growing a baby is no easy task. We are also really limited in what medication we can take through pregnancy, though I personally like to take a more natural route when I’m sick.

These are the things that have helped me:

· Rest, rest, rest – honestly, it’s the best thing for it

· Water – I tried to drink two litres a day to flush out all of the badness

· Warm soaks – although hot baths are not a good idea in pregnancy (they can increase your blood pressure) a warm bath was such a relaxing and comforting way to start or end my day

· Naps – okay so one of the perks of being off work has got to be having the time to take a nap during the day (I wish I could do this all of the time!)

· Hot soup – I found chicken noodle soup to be the most comforting especially to soothe my sore throat

· Honey and lemon in hot water – though it does get boring after three days of drinking it religiously

· Food – eating is so important even though you may not feel like it. I tried to eat a bowl of warm porridge every morning and ate as often as I could force myself to

Thankfully, I am now back at work and surprisingly glad as being at home everyday was starting to make me go mad – though I must admit I am now counting down the weeks to my maternity leave!

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