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Recipe for an easy birth!

Updated: May 8, 2019

In her last weeks of pregnancy, Christine is up for experimenting tried and tested methods to encourage a swift and easy delivery - she will keep you posted as to whether these actually work!

As I approach 39 weeks I have been trying out all the natural methods of labour induction. So I will quickly run you through them and share my homemade final trimester smoothie!

I have been taking evening primrose oil capsules. At 36 weeks I started taking 500mg and now am taking 1000mg, My midwife has said I can take up to 3000mg and also use the capsule as a vaginal pessary! Evening primrose oil is beneficial for labour as it is said to help the cervix soften and shorten labour!

Raspberry leaf tea is the next trick up my sleeve, I have only been drinking two or three cups but aiming for five a day. This tea helps to strengthen the uterus wall so can also shorten labour.

Six dates a day - is something many mums are advised to add into their diet for the final trimester as many studies show their benefits to the cervix. I find it difficult to eat six dates so have come up with a delicious dairy free smoothie to ensure I don't miss out. The dates create a caramel flavour and are so sweet that no additional sweetener is needed, adding a frozen banana also gives the smoothie an incredible milkshake texture. It feels so indulgent and like a treat to drink. See recipe below if you want to try it out.

Christine's Caramel Smoothie

6 dates

a spoon of almond butter

frozen banana

soy milk

Add all ingredients to a blender, whizz up and enjoy...

I'll be back soon to let you know if these methods really did help my labour! Bye for now x

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