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Scan anxiety

Whilst the 20-week scan is an exciting milestone in every pregnancy - it can also be cause for concern. Here Claire explains her recent experience.

The 20 Week Anomaly Scan is a milestone in pregnancy that many parents-to-be look forward to. Generally at this appointment, you can find out the gender of your little one; but remember, first and foremost this is an anomaly scan and is in place to check on the well-being and general health of your baby. I’ve always felt anxiety in and around the 20-week scan. With Jack I had two scans as not everything could be seen on the first and this time it was no different.

Claire - due 21st May 2019

I remember feeling generally worried. What if there was an issue? What if my morning sickness meant that I wasn’t getting the right amount of folic acid? What if? What if? There were so many questions running through my mind. I felt anxious all through the scan. Wayne held my hand and did his best to alleviate my concerns, but I just needed to know everything was going to be ok. It’s completely normal for the sonographer to be quiet during the scan - a tip for you expectant mums not let this worry you. It is completely normal.

In the scan, the sonographer commented that she had seen everything other than the heart and an abdominal circumference. I felt an immediate rush of relief. Yes, I would have to return for a second scan but at least everything they had seen looked ok. As I sat at home later that evening reading through my scan notes - a sense of worry rushed over me as I realised that the CSP (an important part of the brain had not been seen.) I then spent two weeks googling this. In hindsight I wish I had just called my midwife for clarification.

On the day of the repeat scan, the sonographer immediately picked up on the notes referencing that the CSP hadn’t been seen. She said it was most unusual not to be able to see this in the first scan and was initially quite concerned. I was absolutely terrified. The sonographer checked over the baby’s brain and immediately thought she could see it. She called for a second opinion and everything was thankfully fine. The CSP was definitely there. The sense of relief as I realised that the baby looked healthy was immeasurable.

The two week wait between scans was so difficult for me as I became increasingly worried and concerned. Thankfully for us, everything seems fine. I would definitely suggest speaking to your midwife or the sonographer if anything concerns you during the pregnancy. Worrying is absolutely normal but you often need to find a balance. Something I’ve had to learn to do.

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