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Seven weeks and counting

Nathalie celebrates her fast-approaching 'birthday' with friends - and is ticking of the days until her little one arrives!

I can’t quite believe it, but the countdown is on and with only seven weeks to go, I’m feeling super excited to meet baby S!

The nursery is now pretty much complete and ready for their arrival and my baby shower is taking place next weekend. I hadn’t previously wanted a shower as I felt it was a little imposing on people, but my best friend insisted and we compromised on having it held at my house rather than out somewhere.

I was super lucky in that a friend of a friend had her shower a few months ago and kindly gave me all the bits from it, so we’ve only had to get a few bits such as a helium canister, balloons and the food. I am borrowing my grandmother in laws lovely tea sets to go with the ‘afternoon tea’ theme which has also saved me some money and some very kind neighbours are lending me cake stands! The cake I wanted was going to cost a fair amount too, so I’ve been quite imaginative with it and am having only the decorations made for it. I plan on buying a two-tier cake from the supermarket and re-decorating it myself with the new bits.

It’s very easy to spend a lot of money on these kinds of one day events and not always feasible especially with a little’n on the way so I’m doing all I can to keep costs down while still providing my guests a good time!

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