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So soft and comforting

With her first baby weighing in at a whopping 11lb 4oz, our lovely blogger Lisa's second baby bump probably needs a little extra support, so we sent her a Little Chick London 4-in-1 Comfort Cushion with natural bamboo cover to try out - here's her thoughts on the product...

I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I’m struggling much earlier this time round with back pain and general discomfort especially when trying to sleep.

In my first pregnancy I held off getting a pregnancy pillow until right near the end, then I realised how much more comfortable I could have been if I’d purchased it earlier. This time, I was fully prepared, I wanted to try a wedge support pillow from as soon as I felt I needed it (20 weeks).

I have been trying out the 4 in 1 Support Cushion from Little Chick London and I’ve been really happy with it. This is the perfect size to support your tummy and hips and the best thing is that it doesn’t take up the whole bed. It really helps If you aren’t a natural side sleeper (like me) keeping you in position or reminding you of the best sleep position.

The wedge really helps support the bump and keeps your body in-line. I’ve found the weight of the bump pulls my tummy towards the bed and maligns my spine, making things uncomfortable.

By day I use it to support my lower back when sitting at my desk of for long periods, I have a desk job and so it’s so important to be correctly postured. It’s a great support and relieves some of the pressure.

I love the bamboo cover too, it’s so soft and comforting.

Overall, I think this is just what I needed and have no hesitations in recommending it as so far it’s helped me get comfortable.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram - @theearlyyears

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