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The first months seem to fly

Natalie is one of our very first P.S…I’m Pregnant bloggers sharing her pregnancy journey and the birth of her adorable little girl Roxie. They say that time flies when you’re having fun – and it truly is the case for Natalie who adores being a mummy (you can follow her on Instagram @athomewithmrs.s). She updates us on how Roxie is getting on:
Photograph of 7-month old Roxie
Gorgeous little chick Roxie - aged 7 months.

How is Roxie seven months old already? According to everything I read online, she was meant to be in her own room a month ago, but I just couldn’t cope with that thought!! She’s so little, how can she possibly sleep all by herself at the other end of the house (which is small, lol!)?

The room is clean, tidy and ready for her but I’m holding back, the anxiety is riddling me and I just can’t handle the thought of moving her yet. I know I need to as doing it too late may result in her regressing and needing me to go to sleep which I don’t want (for her). I’ve recently started putting her down for naps in her big cot so as for her (and me) to get used to it and will eventually take the plunge and pop her there for the night. Wish us luck for it!

When did you put your little one into their own room? And did they sleep better in their own space?

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