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The magic of white noise

When a new baby arrives ‘white noise’ becomes the magic key to sleep! Little Chick London was amused to see its Comfort Nest put to good use as baby Joshua’s mum found the best place to help him settle was in front of the washing machine!

After nine months in the womb listening to ambient sounds it’s hardly surprising that little ones find comfort in white noise, which can be anything from a washing machine or vacuum cleaner to a specially designed comforter.

Little Chick London’s Twinkle Light Soother – which come in beautiful soft stars and hearts design - has recently been joined by its gorgeous new Little Lamb Deluxe Bed-Time Comfort Soother. This combines a cuddly lamb, which is super soft, twinkling lights to help calm and soothe baby – and of course the all-important white noise! It also includes a range of lullabies and melodies, which babies love as they get older.

Another benefit of a cuddly soother like this, is that the baby becomes familiar with it as part of its bedtime routine – which can help when going to stay with family or going on holiday.

One of our P.S… I’m Pregnant contributors, Amelia, commented: “I was given a Little Chick

London Twinkle Light Bed-time Soother when Oscar was born (a pretty grey star) and we always put it on in his cot at bed-time from the word go. He is now two-year’s old and he insists on having it on in his cot at bedtime. He also stays at his grandparent’s houses a lot (as they have provided a support bubble during the covid lockdown) and we had to buy another Twinkle Light for there too as he simply won’t go to sleep without it. He obviously finds it reassuring, as sometimes we hear him wake in the night and he can now turn the Twinkle Light on himself.”

Little Chick London's range of Bed-Time Soothers start from just £15 (currently on special offer!) CLICK HERE for more information - and get your baby (and yourself!) a good night's sleep!

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