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Time to nest!

With just four weeks to go until Claire's due date, she is finally on annual leave and maternity leave.

I imagined these weeks to be very relaxing. I thought at this point that I would be completely prepared for birth and our transition from having one child to having two. This couldn’t be any further from reality.

Now I’m at home, I’m spending time getting our house ready for baby. Even though our little one will be spending the first six months of her life sleeping in our room. I do want to get her nursery somewhat sorted. Cue a clear out of the spare bedroom in preparation.

With this being our second child, myself and my other half roughly know what we need and what items are not essential this time around. It’s astounding how much has come onto the market since we had our first child who is now five. We are currently trying to work out whether we need something for little one to sleep in downstairs during nap times and just how many items of clothing we need. We haven’t finished shopping with four weeks to go. I can happily say that if she arrived tomorrow - we would absolutely manage as we have the essentials but are we finished with our shopping? No way!

I haven’t begun nesting yet (can you tell?) My other half is doing enough of it for the both of us thankfully. The car has had the car seat installed. Bottles have been sterilised and clothes have been washed. I have packed baby’s hospital bag but have neglected to pack my own. Something to do this week I think! All we need now is to grab some more items for baby and to finally work out what our little one should nap in. We have a co-sleeper upstairs but want something to leave in the front room. We just can’t decide what to get!

Hopefully the next time you hear from me I will have made a decision and may have even packed my hospital bag.

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