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Weeping with happiness

Update from Natalie:

We have just been to San Francisco enjoying a holiday to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and 13 years together tomorrow! The 11-hour flight wasn’t as bad as I thought and actually being pregnant helped me in terms of jet lag because my pregnant body has been getting me used to having much less sleep, (I keep waking up in the night for two hours or so at home)!

I thought I would share my pregnant emotional experiences (very strange!). I’ve been getting teary at really small things like seeing a little girl about four years old just standing next to me in a restaurant looking around?! Ha ha! I had a little cry in the toilet of the plane yesterday too as it suddenly hit me that I was growing a person in my tummy and I am going to be their MUMMY! I was so overjoyed and happy and felt so blessed and lucky to embark on this new journey into a new chapter of mine and my husband’s lives 🤗.

We also had our 20 week scan recently and managed to hold out - despite questioning our decision numerous times - and were strong with not finding out baby’s gender. I read somewhere that ‘finding out the gender was like taking a peak at your Christmas presents before the 25th and while you’re still happy to finally open your gift on Christmas Day, it wasn’t a surprise or as great as you knew what was coming!’ Remembering that analogy helped me a lot because I’ve done the pre-Christmas gift peak and remember that feeling on Christmas Day not being as great as it could have been! Lol.

Baby has been kicking away and I feel then everyday now which is truly wonderful! The feeling never disappoints, and I have a huge grin every time! Daddy has started to be able to feel them too although only when they kick hard and those strong kicks are starting to be visible when looking at my tummy!

(This is making me emotional just reading over what I’ve written!)

Take care!

Natalie Xxx

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