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Swaddle Trio 3-in-1 adjustable swaddles

Swaddle Trio 3-in-1 adjustable swaddles


Every baby is different and how they prefer to sleep is no exception. We created the innovative 3-in-1 Active Swaddle Trio to help babies sleep better and longer. It gives parents a single, safer solution for their baby’s first few months and helps them find what works best for their baby.


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  • Features

    • 3-in-1 adjustable swaddle – arms up, arms down, or arms out
    • Soft, lightweight premium active wear fabric provides stretch and compression for a womb-like feel
    • Extra-wide hip-healthy leg area
    • Innovative bottom opening for easy diaper change and to keep baby cool in warmer temperatures
  • Benefits

    • Arms Up (0–1 month): This position allows arms up and hands by face for newborn self-soothing, replicating babies’ behavior in the womb.
    • Arms Down (1–2 months): This is the traditional swaddle position, with arms by sides. Babies will prefer this position once they move beyond the first few weeks, stretching their body out fully.
    • Arms Out (2–4 months): As babies grow and become stronger, switch to the arms out position. This keeps the arms free for safety when babies are strong enough to roll over from