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At Little Chick London we are fast becoming known for providing safe sleep solutions to mums and their babies. We have used our knowledge and our instincts as industry professionals, parents and grandparents to design and develop products to make life just that little bit less worrying for todays families. I have worked together with my favourite designers, all experts in the Nursery industry, and put together a range of products to try to make life that little bit less worrying for new  mums to be, dads and their growing family

Understanding the needs of today’s modern family plus personal experience and industry knowledge, we have used innovative high performance fabrics, such as Bamboo that are safer, softer and kinder to the skin, and 3D Mesh for airflow, breathability and temperature control to create products that really deliver on their promises to help parents care for a contented little baby.

This months featured product

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4in1 Support Cushion

"Very comfortable especially in the third trimester.

This little, supporting pillow helped me during a lot of sleepless nights at the end of my pregnancy.

Verifed Amazon Purchase"


4in1 Support Cushion

"This pillow has been a wonderful back support for my chair at work.

This has been a little life saver!

The pillow has been a wonderful back support for my chair at work, long car journeys and at an earlier stage when I was sleeping with a lot of support pillows it served me really well. Loveliest of all is the texture, it is unbelievably soft and comforting."


Twinkle Lights - Bed-time Soother

"This is a fantastic light show. I was worried the shapes wouldn't be clear on our ceiling but they are really clear and brightly coloured. We also use it during the night as soft lighting and a distraction for baby during nappy changes.
The lullabies are lovely (thankfully not too irritating!) and the natures sounds are a nice touch.
Above all I love that it's a soft plush cushion rather than a plastic object.
Well worth the price."

Kelly J

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