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Bursting at the seams

Amelia discovers the joys of eBay to cope with her expanding tummy!

My bump has now suddenly popped– one day I just looked as though I had eaten a big meal, and the next I looked undeniably pregnant! It is strange how quickly it has happened. My belly button is now well and truly an outie!

This has left me with a clothing dilemma because, whereas before I was getting away with fitting into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (albeit they were slightly more snug), now I am struggling to find things in my wardrobe that actually fit. Tops are too short, dresses are too tight and my winter coat is bursting at the seams!

I know that it will only be for a few more months, so I have been reluctant to spend lots of money on maternity clothes. This is especially because I have found so far that many maternity clothes, work dresses, look frumpy and ‘mumsy’, which is something that I would really rather avoid.

Except for a couple of decent pairs of maternity jeans, I have therefore turned to eBay for all of my maternity clothes so far, including a new coat. It has been amazing – there is so much on offer and because nobody is in maternity wear for long, everything is in really good condition and quite often brand new.

The only issue now is that the thrill of bidding and winning has become quite addictive – I think the baby can look forward to a very well stocked wardrobe of its own!

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