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Unexpected surprises

We are delighted to welcome another beautiful expectant mummy – Melanie - to P.S…I’m Pregnant.

Hi everyone – I am 16 weeks pregnant (baby is due around 30th July) and my partner Ryan and I are super excited. We are both 29 years old and have been together for just over two years. We moved into our first home (rented two-bed flat) in Bucks about 14 months ago and were hoping to save to buy somewhere of our own (that was before this little surprise popped up!) so our priorities have changed a bit.


Whilst not planned (and I admit I was a bit worried about telling Ryan the unexpected news) we both couldn’t be happier. He is being wonderfully supportive and is already checking out makes of pram!

From reading other people’s experiences on this blog, I seem to have been quite lucky so far. I haven’t experienced any sickness or nausea and apart from having very tender breasts, I’m feeling pretty much normal.

I had a bit of a scare two weeks ago, with a little bit of bleeding (without going into too much information, Ryan and I had been intimate and afterwards there was quite a lot of bright red blood). I rang the midwife and was told that this can be quite common in pregnancy as the cervix is softer and can bleed easily. The bleeding had stopped within a few hours, but I paid for a private scan the next day to put my mind at rest and the baby’s heart beat was strong and fine.

I am looking forward to our 18 week scan (I don’t have a date yet) and we are undecided about whether to find out the sex of the baby. Ryan is really keen to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, but I’m not sure if I would prefer to have a ‘surprise’.

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