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What baby gear is essential?

Update from Ashleigh:

Working in the nursery industry has really opened my eyes to the world of products available to new parents. Some are absolutely genius and real game changers and others I guarantee you can live without …

In the nearly six years since having my son there has certainly been some developments but what I tell all my customers is to research and refrain!

Research the hell out of everything you purchase. That sounds really over the top (I did spend last night researching nipple creams – call me crazy!) but having a baby is an expensive time so why waste your money on things that may not be suitable for you, your baby or your lifestyle. Obviously big purchase like which pushchair, car seat or furniture you purchase are a must to research but even small things like sleeping bags, swaddles and breast pumps need some thought.

Refrain from buying too much! It can be tempting to go crazy when buying for baby but if I have learnt anything it’s that you don’t NEED a lot. Yes some products sound amazing but buy the essentials now and purchase those little extras if and when you need them. Having said all of that my absolute must have items are…

Muslins – If looked after well then muslins can last for years. They are so beautifully versatile and can be used for just about anything from burping, swaddling and mopping up spills to a cover whilst feeding or as a portable play mat. My two favourite brands are Aden & Anais and Bullabaloo which wash lovely and stay soft for ages.

White noise machine – Some would argue that this isn’t an essential but I would disagree. White noise is thought to mimic the sounds of the womb which comforts baby and hopefully helps them sleep better. In my case it worked on my baby and me! White noise machines and toys can start from as little as £20 and make great baby shower or new baby gifts.

Nursing/Support Pillow – A good quality nursing pillow is a must have if you plan on breastfeeding but works just as well if you bottle feed. With Joshua I had a really cheap, soft pillow which did nothing to support my back and ended up being donated very quickly.

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