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Time to nest

Natalie prepares for her little chick's arrival

With our new addition to the family due in January, I have been enjoying the process of re-

decorating the spare bedroom and turning it into baby’s nursery! Why is this so much fun?

We are lucky enough not to need to repaint the entire room and spent an afternoon filling in cracks and holes and painting the build in wardrobe as well as an old chest of drawers. A new blackout blind has gone up along with an upholstered rocking chair and cot. I find myself sitting in what is a bit of a bomb-site (albeit a pretty one!) at the moment just enjoying myself, holding baby’s teddy friends and planning what’s next on the list and this doesn’t stress me out but instead excites me which I find kind of odd. I hear this phase is called 'nesting' and is a totally normal part of pregnancy. I even got excited about getting my baby hangers as it means I can soon hang all of baby’s clothes up and look through them easily when I want to, (which is everyday!). I just wish I could be this excited about doing all the other bits I need to do as I’d get a lot more done if so!

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1 Comment

Oct 18, 2018

What a lovely nursery! Is that a changing unit on top of the cot? Would be interested to know where you got that Nathalie. x

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