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When to introduce a pillow?

Many of us can’t imagine being comfortable at night without a soft fluffy (or firm) pillow supporting our head and a question many new mums ask is ‘when should I introduce my baby to a pillow?’

There are no hard and fast rules to this, although the NHS advises that a pillow should never be

Little girl asleep with her Little Chick London Toddler Pillow
Goldilocks - sleeping with her Little Chick London Comfort Pillow

used for a child under the age of one. Generally, until a baby’s shoulders are wider than their head, they will be perfectly comfortable sleeping on a flat surface – and for some, the optimum time to introduce their first pillow is around two years old, when they transition from a cot to a bed.

However, if your toddler isn’t prone to 360 degree manoeuvres while sleeping – or isn’t sleeping as well as you would like at night after the age of one, there is no harm in seeing if a pillow will help them to settle more comfortably and happily at night.

You know your own child best and will be able to determine when the time is right to introduce a pillow. When you do, it is important to choose one that isn’t overwhelmingly large (adult pillows are really too big for a toddler) and the correct level of support for little heads. In addition, the ability to wash the pillow easily and regularly are important to ensure that there is no bacterial build up.

Little boy sleeping with a Little Chick London Star Toddler Pillow
Finley loves his Little Chick London Star Pillow

Little Chick London has recently introduced two Toddler pillows which are ideal when the time comes to transition to a more ‘grown up’ style of sleeping. Created especially for small children, to be just the right softness to give both support and comfort – there is a traditional rectangle pillow with removable cover; or a cute star shaped pillow which children absolutely love (who ever said a pillow had to be square?!)

Both are made from 100% anti-allergy hollowfibre with a 100% cotton jersey cover. The rectangle pillow has a removable cover, and both can be popped into the washing machine at 30C.

CLICK HERE to purchase a Little Chick London Comfort Pillow for your toddler.

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