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Yoga 'me' time

I have recently started attending antenatal yoga classes and love them! I find it so relaxing and love having that little bit of me time set aside every week. The classes are so calming and we learn all about breathing and how different breaths can have different effects on us. It’s even helped with my insomnia as I I’m able to use to techniques when I lay awake and have found myself waking up hours after I couldn't go to sleep.

I have been feeling quite emotional and anxious too but find myself at my happiest after a

session which isn’t surprising given all the good things we read almost daily about exercise and wellbeing classes. The course has proved helpful with many women during labour in the past so I’m hoping it will help me too but I’m enjoying the classes even if they don’t to be honest.

Having developed pregnancy sciatica this week, I am hoping the yoga may help with that too! So far I would highly recommend the practice to anybody able to attend a class local to them.

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